• Asia Reinsurance Brokers
    Your dedicated International Broker
    We have the ability to scour International markets for the best coverage
  • Asian
    Asian Market
    We are free to act in our Asian clients’ best interest with global standard and total commitment
  • Integrity
    We have an incomparable servicing team with exceptional claims handling experience

Who We Are

Asia Reinsurance Brokers (ARB) is an independent broker who specialises in reinsurance, insurance risk solutions, risk management mitigation, analytics and cyber risk management. As a trusted service provider in Asia, ARB has been an unrivalled brand servicing its clients exceptionally – bespoke to clients’ requirements.

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Into the 2nd Decade

In Asia age is counted differently, determined by the year we are in rather than counting the time that has passed. At ARB our thinking is current and we are forward looking. In the coming years we will continue enhancing our ability and expertise to meet your needs and deal with the challenges you face. We will continue to push forward, delivering quality solutions to set you apart. We look forward to making the journey with you.